Machine Vision / FA Lenses


Machine Vision / FA Lenses

Tamron's high resolution line-up of lenses are most suitable for such applications as FA (Factory Automation),

Machine Vision, etc., where high image quality is essential. Tamron has a complete line-up of lenses that are

perfectly compatible with cameras featuring mega-pixel imagers.

Lenses List



Minimized Distortion

Distortion, the most formidable enemy in image processing, is thoroughly compensated for, thereby reducing distortion in images to the absolute minimum.

As a result, Tamron's fixed-focal lenses provide stabilized performance in the field of precise measuring.



High Resolution extending to the Periphery

Various optical aberrations are compensated for to the absolute minimum in order to maintain high resolution not only in the center of an image but also to its periphery.

High Resolution extending to the Periphery
MTF Chart for model 1A1HA Image Height (mm)



Solid and Robust Mechanism

So as to endure the vibrations of Factory Automation apparatus where lenses are built in, Tamron's fixed-focal lenses all feature solid and robust mechanisms.

This makes it possible to maintain their finest initial performance even after long periods of use.



Locking Mechanisms

Each of the lenses are available with locking mechanisms for the iris and focusing controls, making their use ideal in environment suffering from significant vibrations.



Compact Design

In consideration of using the lenses with FA machines, all of the lenses in each series provide

compact chassis and the external dimensions and filter sizes are unified.



Ultra high performance / Enhanced performance in close-focusing range

Performance in the close focusing range is greatly improved in order to enhance use in actual application environments.

Thanks to reduced minimum object distances, the use of troublesome close-up rings can be avoided.

In addition, high optical performance that meet the needs of mega pixel cameras (cameras having 1.3 million pixels) featuring 2/3" or smaller imagers is achieved.


f=50mm F/2.8

400 thousand pixel camera
f=50mm F/2.8

Mega-pixel-camera 23FM50SP f=50mm F/2.8

400 thousand pixel camera f=50mm F/2.8


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