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Through the beneficial employment of aspherical elements, Tamron's manufacturers a superior line of Vari-Focal lenses featuring fast maximum apertures, high magnification ratios and compactness, and uncompromised optical quality.

Vari-focal Lenses


Abundant Lens Line-up

Practically any application can be handled by Tamron's wide selection of 1/3"format lenses that range from an ultra-wideangle 2.8mm, which provides a 97°angle of view, to a 50mm ultra telephoto lens with a 4° angle of view.


Outstanding Image Quality through the Employment of Aspherical Elements

The main Tamron Vari-Focal lenses use aspherical elements in order to achieve high resolution and high contrast performance over the entire focal length range. The designers paid particular attention to peripheral image quality in light of the increasing use of these lenses with digital recorders that require image degradation in the periphery be at an absolute minimum. The use of aspherical elements also contributes to the compact design of the Vari-Focal lenses for which Tamron is well known.

Compensation effect with an aspherical lens element (Schematic Illustration)
<img border=0 width=450 height=152 id="_x0000_i1087" src="http://www.tamron.co.jp/en/product/cctv/images/c_fig.jpg" Compensation effect with an aspherical lens element (Schematic images .. /images format, which meets the needs of the most frequent job applications, offers an impressive maximum open aperture of F /1.0 and F /360 minimum aperture. This wide dynamic range increases the versatility of this lens since it can be used in situations where light conditions are extreme or ever-changing.

Wide Dynamic Range



Compatible with Day/Night Cameras

The 2.8-11mm and 3.0-8mm Vari-Focal lenses for the 1/3" format is designed to minimize focus shift in the near infrared range by expanding chromatic aberration compensation to include both daylight and the near infrared ranges. The lens therefore exhibits its power in 24-hour around-the-clock surveillance when combined with a day/night camera.

Compatible with Day/Night Cameras



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